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Our foot golf simulator fuses all the movement and communication of football with the style and class of golf. While the point is to move the ball into the hole (or container in this situation), the player needs to kick the ball into the opening with the least number of kicks as could be expected under the circumstances. So fundamentally, it's a giant form of golf where the club has been supplanted with a foot and the golf ball with a football. It might sound inconceivably odd; however, it has turned out to be progressively well known – most likely for that very reason.

So as to prevent damage to the golf course, a specially designed ball is utilised, and you can't touch the course while wearing typical soccer or rugby togs. Regardless. you have to dress as you would playing golf, except for the shoes – just indoor soccer shoes are permitted on the course.

Our foot golf simulator approaches more than 100 golf course around the world, giving you a selection of choices with regards to choosing where to play. You can pick one of our test modes or try a challenge against your loved ones.

You can work on your kicking skills – medium kicks for chipping and delicate kicks for putting. The amusement has ended up being enormous measures of fun and is an incredible method to acquaint yourself with the universe of golf.

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