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While we have already made mention to football, and rugby, we now head on to gridiron football. This form of football is incredibly popular in North America. Teams can be either 8, 11 or 12 players and the sport can be played both indoor and outdoor. There are also two less physically aggressive alternatives to the game, namely, touch and flag football. Gridiron football can be played at the amateur, semi-professional, professional and college level – making it perfect for anyone of any fitness level to play. Our gridiron simulator encompasses all aspects of the very diverse sports type - which was founded in the 19th century and can quite easily be classified as a rugby/soccer hybrid. The biggest difference between gridiron football and it’s rugby/soccer counterparts is the use of helmets and protective pads, as well as the positions and rules utilised as well as the famous brown football ball. The gridiron simulator is just one of our many available sports simulators and has proven to be one of the most popular options to date. When using the gridiron simulator, you will be able to experience 62 stadiums from around the world that are dedicated to gridiron football. There are currently 16 challenges available as well as a Match Play option. The challenges were created to act as a training tool that will assist you in upping your game by practising your scoring technique, practise passing and above all, reigniting your passion for the sport. Have we piqued your interest? Request a demo or quote on our site today.

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