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Updated: Sep 9, 2020


Sports Bars tend to vary depending on the region and the branding concept that has been devised. Generally, Sports Bars will have a high quality cosmetic theme, sporting screens, comfortable seating, sporting memorabilia, extensive menu, drinks bar and various amusements. These will vary depending upon the size of the facility and what sports are popular locally. Some operators are very successful, whilst some others are less so, what is important is to offer a wide variety of activities, that will appeal to both male and female customers. The amusements are the key to the success of the facility, with the right choice

of attractions and entertainment, a really nice atmosphere can be established. Encouraging regular visits by the same clientele, who will feel welcome by the warm and relaxing environment. Amusements are typically a mixture of arcade games, amusement rides, gambling machines, bowling alleys, pool / snooker tables, golf simulators and live music. Sports Bar turnover often fluctuates depending upon what amusements are installed, the cosmetic layout, the actual location, operators marketing ability, the seasonal time of year and the time of day.


Sports Bars need to be able to offer the latest amusements, that will maximise the benefit of the current sporting events, taking place at famous worldwide venues each and every day. Sports bars can benefit from a multi sports simulator, that can offer the latest major sports with game challenges, that reflect the sports that are televised in the bar, every day. The solution also needs to be customisable so that it can be integrated into current marketing and promotional campaigns, through social media and on the website. An additional key requirement is for the product to stay fresh and up to date with new challenges, stadium updates and team apparel. As well as relaxing to watch matches on the sporting screens, with a decent meal and drinks. Further enhancing the friendly atmosphere, as well as raising the profile of “The Sports Bar”, to maximise its turnover. Flexibility is the key to attracting parties and individuals to visit on a daily basis, to compete in easy to run fun competitions. As well as enticing groups to play regularly in “Match Play” where 2 teams of up to 5 players, compete home and away, for the same teams that are playing in “Today’s Sporting Event”. Catering daily for major celebrations such as Children’s and Adults Birthday Parties, Team Building Events, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Graduation Celebrations, Retirement Parties and a lot more besides.


By installing the Surround HD or the Premium UHD Super Simulators, the “Ultimate Sports Bar Activation” is ensured. Regular online updates keep’s “The Sports Bar” fresh with the latest Major Sports, Game Challenges and Stadiums. The Sports Bars’ own marketing will always be fresh with new stories, related to promoting the latest Sporting Event with contests inside the same Stadiums; representing the top teams. Affordable HD Super Simulators quickly switch to the very best UHD Golf Simulator playing PGA & European Tour courses, UHD Shooting Simulator playing various shooting challenges and UHD Racing Simulator competing on famous race tracks, with the latest race cars. Revenue generation can be maximised, by integrating with other attractions such as gambling machines, bowling alleys, pool tables, snooker tables and live music; to create a pleasant popular atmosphere. Sports Bars are very popular year-round compared to indoor golf centres that are only popular in the winter. The “Ultimate Sports Bar” offers every major sport, so appeals to all sports fans, throughout every month of the year. Sports Stars, Celebrities and Major Brands; now have the perfect platform to increase their exposure and profitability worldwide. .


Sports Bar Staff can very easily setup in-house competitions, on any of the many Sports playing in all the world’s top sporting leagues and tournaments, such as the Premiership, La Liga, MLS, NFL, NHL and NBA. Current Stadium Sports playable include Football, Gridiron, Golf,Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Foot Golf, Mini Golf. Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Bandy, Handball, Softball, Disc Golf, Netball, Volleyball, Twenty20, Rugby Sevens, Contest Archery, with 1,575+ Sporting Venues playable. Another 15 Sports under Development Include Archery, Bocca, Boules, Bowling, Curling, Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Floorball, Futsal, Hurling, Korfball, Lacrosse, Netball, Softball and Volleyball. If requested Golf, Shooting and Motor Racing can easily be added too. UHD Shooting and UHD Racing is easily added too.


Branding and advertising signage can easily be modified on the hoardings, the pitch, the moving targets, the ball, video screens and the object target, whether an image or a movie. Enabling Sports Bars own suppliers and sponsors to have “The Perfect Marketing”, encourages more favourable terms to be negotiated to increase revenue streams even further. Professional corporate events are very easy to organise, as their own branding can be easily embedded.

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