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Shopping Centres are currently going through massive changes throughout the world, due in large to the huge growth in Online Shopping. Resulting in traditional shopping centres and high streets going through a rapid decline, within the last 5 years. Shoppers have changed their purchasing habits, by buying online to save themselves money, so retailers have really struggled. The majority of once thriving city centres have become dilapidated, full of empty stores, with sales down and fewer people visiting.

There has already been some small re-adjustment, with many redundant stores being converted into coffee shops and hairdressers. “I think it’s a long-term, straight line decline and it’s happening all around Europe,” Richard Fleming, managing director and head of European restructuring at consultancy Alvarez & Marsal has stated.

As access to goods becomes so effortless, nothing is driving customers to invest time and effort in going shopping, resulting in the last 5 years many famous retailers going bust, with several other retailers, are on the brink. Kodak, the camera giant that went bust, is a byword for businesses that fail to see the wind changing direction and suffer the consequences.

It is not just retailers who are facing change. Banks, building societies, travel agents, now even estate agents, business has transferred online. Currently there is a large void within town centres, that have been particularly affected by shoppers now buying online; resulting in a high percentage of empty stores in most towns and cities.


A Shopping Revolution is required, shopping centres worldwide can be rejuvenated with the large number of empty stores, being utilised for entertainment purposes. If people are encouraged to revisit their towns or cities on a regular basis and in large numbers, the customer experience is redefined. Transforming the high street from a shopping location to a leisure destination, by integrating shopping, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, leisure facilities and interactive family entertainment.

This can vary in size and can easily take over existing empty buildings, quickly revitalising any town centre or shopping mall. What is also required is to have a popular attraction, which keeps local people of all ages healthy, whilst they are being entertained. Whilst many leading retailers will have to reduce the amount of stores that are trading, whether by shutting down, relocating or remodelling to remove excess space. Certain retailers will embrace the remodelling process, as they can get involved in generating new decent streams of income, from their real estate.

Maximising the benefit of today’s sporting events, taking place at famous venues around the world. By using multi sports technology, it is possible to offer the same major ball sports game challenges, reflecting the sports currently being televised. This enhances the friendly atmosphere, as well as raising the profile of the new leisure destination experience, to maximise its turnover.


By installing Surround HD or Premium UHD Super Simulators, the “Interactive Family Entertainment Activation” is created, that will be continually updated and fresh. Sports Fans will be continually entertained by playing regular new and free Game Challenges, within their own Famous Team’s Sporting Venue. Leisure staff can very easily run in-house promoted competitions, by offering small prizes the Centre is packed out on traditional quiet times. Especially for birthday parties which are popular in the afternoons and weekends, for all age groups. The Interactive Family Entertainment is fully customisable so that it can be integrated into current marketing and promotional campaigns, through social media and on the website. Customers can play on the same technology as the current sporting events from around the world, whilst enjoying food and drink.


Redundant Shops can be easily converted into Interactive Family Entertainment Activation's, by adding the UHD Super Simulator Technology. Sports Pad has proven to be very successful at attracting regular customers to rent out the simulators and for attracting birthday parties. Local sporting celebrities are invited to attend corporate events, so they can demonstrate their various skills to the invited guests, which is proving to be very popular. Currently the UHD Super Simulator has 25+ Ball Sports playable including Football, Gridiron, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Foot Golf, Mini Golf. Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Bandy, Handball, Softball, Disc Golf, Netball, Volleyball, Twenty20, Rugby Sevens, Contest Archery, with another 15+ Ball Sports under development. HD Shooting and HD Racing is easily added on too.

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