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Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Schools will offer a range of sports that will vary depending upon the region and what team sports are popular, with the local population. Generally there are 3 types of student, those who will play team sports on a regular basis, so are normally healthy. Students that play sport on an occasional basis, so are of varying health conditions and lastly students who rarely or never play any sport and generally are very unhealthy. The reason for Sport participation levels is often, due to students being intimidated by other students who are performing better and making “The Team”, so they losing interest in trying to perform. Physical education in schools is becoming less popular year on year; which is mainly due to children becoming far more distracted, than previous generations. As smart phones, tablets, laptops and games consoles have grown in popularity, children have become less inclined to participate in sport. Government’s own research confirms the reduction in sport participation, thus resulting in unhealthier and less socially active children around the world. Sports lessons are often cancelled around the world for a variety of reasons, such as weather conditions and high or low temperatures. As pollution and global warming increases, sports lessons are even being cancelled due to poor air quality.


It is important that a higher percentage of students participate in sport, ideally not only getting back to the 1992 average but significantly exceeding it for both boys and girls. This can be achieved by getting occasional sporting students, to play sport on a more regular basis, even if it is participating in different team sports, than the more gifted. As well as getting the rarely sporting students to be introduced into sport, without them being intimidated. Using children’s interest in computer gaming, as a way of encouraging them to wish to participate in sports. The Body Mass Index for children is a growing problem, affecting most countries in the world. By getting a much higher percentage of children into sport, BMI can be reduced as they become more physically active, so they are burning more calories. As they become more interested in Sport, they normally become more interested in their body weight and wish to eat healthier too. By increasing exercise combined with a better diet, health related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer are significantly reduced. Resulting in a healthier youth population, with less long-term illnesses and a direct financial saving for counties own health services.


By installing the Surround HD or the Premium UHD Super Simulators, the “Ultimate Sports Activation” is ensured. Regular online updates provide all of the latest Major Sports, Game Challenges and Stadiums. Marketing will always be fresh with new stories, related to promoting the latest Sporting Event with contests inside the same Stadiums; representing the top teams. Affordable HD Super Simulators can quickly switch to the very best UHD Golf Simulator playing PGA & European Tour courses, UHD Racing Simulator competing on famous race tracks, with the latest race cars. Revenue generation can be maximised, by integrating with other attractions such as, bowling alleys, pool tables, snooker tables and live music; to create a pleasant popular atmosphere. Sports Stars, Celebrities and Major Brands; now have the perfect platform to increase their exposure and profitability worldwide.


Due to this unique technology appearing in schools, the world’s top brands will wish to get involved, with the funding opportunity. Branding and advertising signage can easily be modified on the hoardings, the pitch, the moving targets, the balls, video screens and the object target, whether an image or a movie. Enabling the technology costs to be minimal, as the health benefits of a fit youth, become well publicised.


The Simulator can also be very easily setup to have in-house competitions, so that after school’s clubs, can be involved. Using many different Sports playing in all the world’s top sporting leagues and tournaments, such as the Premiership, La Liga, MLS, NFL, NHL and NBA. Current Stadium Sports playable include Football, Gridiron, Golf,Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Foot Golf, Mini Golf. Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Bandy, Handball, Softball, Disc Golf, Netball, Volleyball, Twenty20, Rugby Sevens, Contest Archery, with 1,575+ Sporting Venues playable. Another 15+ Sports under Development – Include Archery, Bocca, Boules, Bowling, Curling, Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Floorball, Futsal, Hurling, Korfball, Lacrosse, Netball, Softball and Volleyball. If requested Golf, Shooting and Motor Racing can easily be added too. HD Shooting and HD Racing is easily added on too.

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