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Hotels & Resorts are competing in a very large market place, so it is very important that businesses stand out, by having the correct location, image, cosmetics and blend of leisure facilities. Appealing to all ages groups, both sexes, as well as continually evolving, so that the hotel or resort is viewed as fresh and appealing. Hotel Groups, tend to own hotels over a large market sector, covering a large variety of rates from upscale, upper midscale, midscale and budget economy. The world’s top 6 hotel groups are Accor Hotels, Best Western, Choice Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinenta and Marriott. They are competing with medium and smaller hotels groups, for the vast hotel and resort leisure market, worth trillions.

Beach is the largest market sector, as traditionally people will go on holiday once a year, it is usually to the beach. Facilities normally include bedrooms, restaurants, bars, beach, pools, tennis, kids club and family entertainment.

City is usually the busiest market sector year-round, with a combination of corporate activities, as well as bedrooms, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, gyms and pools.

Resort is the more prestigious market sector with traditionally a combination of bedrooms, restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, pools, golf, tennis, kids clubs and sea excursion activities.

Mountain is the smallest market sector with normally a combination of facilities, bedrooms, restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, pools, golf, tennis, kids clubs, family entertainment and skiing activities.


Hotels and Resorts have identified “Family Entertainment” as the Growth Sector, so it is extremely important, that this market is well catered for. There are lots of different sports around the world that will vary in popularity, depending upon the region and the country. What has been requested during extensive market research is for an activation to be developed, that will offer all the most popular sports to be played, on one Interactive Technology. Ideally taking up the minimum amount of space within the hotel, as well as offering the maximum number of Sporting Challenges playable for hotel guests.

The technology is constantly updated via the internet for free, so are always fresh, relevant and appealing to hotel guests. Hotel marketing / social media departments are seeking to regularly post fresh stories, ideally developing marketing campaigns related too, current and future Sporting Events. By being able to obtain an activation’s imagery and video content, stories can easily be created. Ensuring more guests are encouraged to stay at the hotel or resort, therefore increasing the value of room rate values and the establishments turnover. Guests preferring to stay in a more vibrant and fun resort; ensuring that hotels that have invested in the latest interactive technology have a higher occupancy rate than their rivals.

Hotels and Resorts Groups are seeking to have an activation that gives a decent corporate image, for all hotel sectors; Beach, City, Resort and Mountain. Attracting increased turnover by offering a wider range of leisure facilities, so retaining customer loyalty and gaining new clients too, through easier marketing. Complementing existing revenue streams for accommodation, restaurant, bar, corporate events etc. The total global leisure versus business travel and tourism spend, will double worldwide by 2026. So it is very important that hotels and resorts invest in the best interactive technology, to maximum their share in this significant growth.


By installing the Surround HD or the Premium UHD Super Simulators within the hotel or resort, the ultimate “Family Entertainment Activation” is ensured. Most hotels wishing to install the Surround 270° Simulator, to create the very best visual experience for guests. By offering 25+ sports popular playable, on 525+ Game Challenges and within 1,575+ different Sporting Venues. Guests are able for the very first time to play inside their own team’s stadium, doing a sporting challenge that they have always dreamed of, becomes a reality. Connecting to the hotel’s own internet, enables monthly free updating. So the latest new Sports, Game Challenges and Sporting Venues are added, which the hotels own marketing and social media department will find so beneficial.

Staff can very easily run fun and exciting competitions, which will keep guests entertained and enthralled. Prices could be offered relating to the hotel or resort itself, so raising the marketing even further, with very little effort. Enticing guests to stay at the hotel for longer, raising the spend within the hotel bars and the restaurants. As well as raising the all-important satisfaction levels for guests stay, which will have knock on benefits as they will wish to share with friends and family on social media.

The hotels or resorts own sponsor branding and advertising signage is easily added to the hoardings, the pitch, the moving targets, the balls, video screens and the object target, with the corporate brand(s) own imagery and video movies embedded, generating another income stream. Customising the simulator with different languages, and media content, so even religious tolerance is catered for is important for global organisations.


Return of Investment is very important for both hotels and resorts, normally when investing in a new leisure activity it can take a few years to get the financial benefits. By investing in this unique Interactive Technology the return on investment, is within 6 months due to the many financial benefits it brings to the turnover. By increasing the value of room rates, increase in occupancy levels, increasing bar takings, increasing restaurant takings. Depending upon the location the hotel can even charge for the usage too, although are recommendation is to offer it for free, as the general hotel turnover will rise significantly. So further benefiting in market share and from the rise in the annual growth, in average hotel rates.


The Interactive Technology can easily be setup to run exciting competitions, in-conjunction with today’s major sporting event. Competing on the same top sporting tournaments and matches, from around the such as the Premiership, La Liga, MLS, NFL, NHL and NBA. Current Stadium Sports playable include Football, Gridiron, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Handball, Rugby League, Foot Golf, Miniature Golf, Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Field Hockey, Gaelic Football and Bandy. Another 15+ Sports currently under development – includes Archery, Bocce, Boules, Bowling, Curling, Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Floorball, Futsal, Hurling, Korfball, Lacrosse, Netball, Softball and Volleyball. If requested Golf, Shooting and Motor Racing can easily be added to the simulator too.

Annual growth in average global hotel rates from 2010 to 2018

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