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Family Entertainment Centres have in recent years proved to be a lot more popular than one attraction venues, such as water parks, skate parks, bowling alleys, arcade centres, indoor golf and billiard halls. FEC’s vary vastly from a mixture of redemption games, amusement rides, bowling, mini-golf, pool tables, virtual simulators, gaming machines, laser tag,

go-karts, bumper cars, trampoline, soft play, karaoke, food and beverages.

Facilities have varying success depending on what is actually installed, the cosmetic layout, the actual location, operators marketing ability, the time of year and the operational hours. Some operators are very successful, whilst others are less so, what currently works is offering a wide variety of activities, to a wide age group and appealing to both sexes.

Currently there is a large void within town centres, that have been particularly affected by shoppers now buying online; resulting in a high percentage of empty stores in most towns. Family Entertainment Centres tend to serve resorts, towns and cities, the busiest times are weekend afternoons and Thursday through to Sunday evenings, as well as school holidays.


Town Centres worldwide need to be rejuvenated with the large number of empty stores, being used for entertainment purposes. Complimenting shopping, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, leisure facilities and other local amenities. Family Entertainment Centres vary in size and can easily take over existing empty buildings, quickly revitalising any town centre. What is also required is to have a popular attraction, which keeps local people of all ages healthy, whilst they are entertained.

The FEC needs to be able to offer the latest amusements, maximising the benefit of today’s sporting events, taking place at famous venues around the world. Using a multi sports technology, which offers the same major ball sports game challenges, reflecting the sports currently being televised. Further enhancing the friendly atmosphere, as well as raising the profile of “The Family Entertainment Centre”, to maximise its turnover.

The Sporting Technology needs to be customisable so that it can be integrated into current marketing and promotional campaigns, through social media and on the website. An additional key requirement is for the product to stay fresh and up to date with new challenges, stadium updates and team apparel. As well as relaxing watching matches on sporting screens, whilst enjoying food and beverages.


By installing Surround HD or Premium UHD Super Simulators, the “Ultimate Family Entertainment Activation” is ensured, that will be continually Updated and Fresh. Sports Fans will be continually entertained by playing regular new and free Game Challenges, within their own Famous Team’s Sporting Venue. FEC staff can very easily run in-house promoted competitions, by offering small prizes the Centre is packed out on traditional quiet times. Especially for Birthday Parties which are popular in the afternoons and weekends, for all age groups.

Currently 25+ Ball Sports playable including Football, Gridiron, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Foot Golf, Mini Golf. Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Bandy, Handball, Softball, Disc Golf, Netball, Volleyball, Twenty20, Rugby Sevens & Contest Archery. Another 15+ Sports currently under development – including Bowling, Archery, Floorball, Dodgeball, Curling, Korfball, Indoor Soccer, Bocce, Boules, Foot Pool, Hurling, Roller Hockey, Padel, Lacrosse, Croquet & Contest Frisbee.


The Leading Family Entertainment Centre in the Middle East is Hub Zero, this is a unique futuristic and immersive park, that features a variety of Interactive Technology. Combining Simulators, Dark Rides, Thrill based Attractions, Challenging Action Zones, Interactive Gaming Zone, Karaoke and Party Rooms. As well as pool hall, retro arcade, aided by cutting-edge virtual experiences that bring video games to life, through innovative technologies. Hub Zero is the ultimate destination in the United Arab Emirates, for thrill seekers to engage in world renowned rides, the centre piece being 2 Premium HD Super Simulators, within the Sports Academy.

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