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Updated: Sep 8, 2020


Adverting agencies and promotional companies offer a wide range of marketing strategies for global companies at live events, to market their clients brand(s). The world’s top 5 adverting agencies are the WPP Group based in London, Omnicom Group based in New York, Publicis Groupe based in Paris, Interpublic Group based in New York and Dentsu based in Tokyo, who are competing with many marketing companies for global organisations adverting budgets. Marketing costs are generally spread over 4 distinct areas for global organisations, which they normally discuss with their advertising agency. How they will get the best return, for the specific marketing awareness for the brand(s), these areas being Advertising, Activation, Sponsorship and Social Media.

Advertising is the traditional method of promoting brand(s), but it is proving to be less successful in terms of spend versus results. Due to the ever-changing advertising spend on mail, broadcast, magazine, radio, newspaper, billboards etc.

Activation when done correctly by marketing companies, has proven to be the best return of investment for clients. As their brand(s) are blended into the activation that the consumer is enjoying using, whether at an interactive event or roadshow, indoors or outdoors.

Sponsorship is a growing market with huge sums of money invested to promote brand(s), especially within the sports industry. Money is being spent on teams, competitions, individuals, on clothing, signage, websites, stadiums, arenas and other sporting venues.

Social Media is generally content marketing, targeting audiences through digital media platforms, with creative public relations planning, utilising the current most popular sites, around the world, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.with creative public relations planning, utilising the current most popular sites around the world, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Marketing Activation is extremely important enabling brand(s), to get their product or service awareness across to their targeted consumers. It is very important that activations are fresh and unique so consumers will remember the latest message, ensuring the brand gets the greatest reward for the advertising spend. Successful strategic marketing ensures which advertising agencies, will stand out from their competitors and will continue to grow. What has been requested for a number of years by marketing companies, is to have an interactive setup that offers as many different enjoyable activations as possible. Particularly focusing on the most popular engaging sports around the world, integrating seamlessly with the brand(s). Ensuring advertising, sponsorship and social media budgets, are further maximised by a consumer playable activation. Utilising the same sporting environment, the consumer recognises, combined with the same marketing materials. Sporting activations easy bring together marketing awareness, whilst the consumer is entertained they are viewing sponsors branding in a favourable manner. It is important that activations continually evolve, so game challenges are very similar to the marketing campaigns designed, by the advertising agencies. Ensuring that all the popular sports are playable, so the main stream of consumers are continually catered for.


By installing the Surround HD or the Premium UHD Super Simulators, the “Ultimate Event Activation” is ensured. As any marketing event can be catered for, offering all the most popular ball sports in the world, playable on the same simulator. Global Companies will be able to very successful launch any product or service to the consumer market, enhancing their corporate identity.

By marketing companies investing in this truly amazing and affordable simulator technology, they are able to organise and run, very exciting and unique events. With 25+ different sports playable, 1,575+ venues playable and hundreds of different game challenges playable. Roadshows and marketing events become fresh and exciting, ideal for public relations, with constant new game challenges being developed free of charge.

The housings themselves can be custom designed for indoor or outdoor usage, blending in with the corporate branding that wishes to be portrayed. Setting up is relatively easy with several style of housings available, with 90° or 270° projected imagery, creating the perfect cosmetic appeal. The best return on marketing expenditure, available in the world today. Sponsors branding and advertising signage is added to the hoardings, the pitch, the moving targets, the balls, video screens and the object target, with the corporate brand(s) own imagery and video movies embedded, this is easily uploaded inside the Simulator Software.


Global Organisations often wish to have a unique identity especially created for themselves, with the Sport Coach Simulator design team’s expertise this is now possible for the first time. By working alongside the advertising agency, any sporting theme can be specifically custom designed, giving a unique branding appeal. So the product or service becomes fully embedded within the game challenge itself, so consumers are fully engrossed at events.


The Simulator is easily setup to run exciting competitions, ideally in-conjunction with today’s major sporting event. Competing on the same top sporting tournaments and matches, from around the such as the Premiership, La Liga, MLS, NFL, NHL and NBA. Current Stadium Sports playable include Football, Gridiron, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Foot Golf, Mini Golf. Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Gaelic Football, Bandy, Handball, Softball, Disc Golf, Netball, Volleyball, Twenty20, Rugby Sevens, Contest Archery, with another 15+ Ball Sports under development. HD Shooting and HD Racing is easily added on too.

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