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Day time and night time challenges are playable in major cities on the Sports Simulator.

Traditional competitions are now playable within Dubai, London, New York and Paris environments with other cities under development. Game challenges such as Nearest to Pin, Closest to Pin, Average to Pin and Average to Target can be played in two directions within a simulated city environment in both day time and night time settings. This unique experience for sports fans brings major cities to life with famous buildings, monuments and landmarks within a virtual environment which has not previously been available on any simulator. With four separate starting positions for men, women, seniors and juniors, the city environment is perfect for entertaining at family entertainment centres, sports stores, international marketing events, sports bars and any commercial or residential location. Other sports playable include Gridiron, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey and more. The simulator also features advertising options, post-shot analysis, reverse replay, coloured ball flight and player boost, ensuring a very user-friendly experience within the world’s most famous capitals.

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