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Ultimate Simulator the Most Advanced Sporting Simulator

October 18, 2019

Sports Coach Simulator have been manufacturing the world’s leading simulators at our factory near London since our establishment in 1992. We now have the largest and most accurate range of sports simulators, utilising the latest technology that we develop in house. With so many sports available on our simulator, it is easy for consumers to closely follow the sporting calendar and play current popular sports in any of 1,500+ sporting venues any day of the year. With such a variety of sports to choose from, the simulator attracts revenues for the entire leisure,  entertainment and amusement industry.

Outdoor Shot and Ball Performance Analysis

September 4, 2017

Sports Coach Simulator has now released the World’s 1st Outdoor Shot Performance Analysis Simulator. Enabling players to be fully analysed by coaches on a regular basis, using extremely accurate measured data, to replicate skills. Set Pieces such as free kicks, corners, shooting, passing, crossing, penalties, kick o and throwing are available, allowing managers to know each players current performance data from each set piece. Managers can now select the current best players in the team to take specic set pieces within matches. Ensuring the teams’ best performance is maximised, throughout the playing season with enhanced tactics and results.

Brand Loyalty Achievement

August 29, 2017

After much research the Ultimate Brand Loyalty, has been especially developed for the Sports Industry.Ensuring that Sports Retail Stores can easily become the “Ultimate Brand Activation”.Ensuring the Youth of Today are enticed in Store on a regular basis, to play inside their own Teams’Stadium and have their Brand Loyalty Guaranteed for Life! - with 10 Seamless Steps.

Fan Experience Flyer

December 15, 2016

Fully interactive stadium tours are now possible, allowing fans to play diferent challenges within their own team’s stadium. Fans can immerse themselves within the virtual stadium, reliving and performing memorable game scenarios. Challenges such as free kicks, penalties, throw in’s, corners and many more game modes can be performed. Fans will become fully engaged, allowing greatly perceived financial value for their stadium tour, with over 500 stadium venues playable.The Football Simulator has been developed with the very highest level of realistic three dimensional graphics, enabling players to be fully immersed inside recognisable football stadiums. Customised settings offer the choice of several high definition stadiums, levels of difficulty...

Unmanned Booking

December 12, 2013

The un-manned booking system is a software suite designed and developed by Sports Coach Systems to allow automated bookings and access to un-manned facilities. The system consists of two components. An online website that can take bookings and payments for predefined timeslots 24/7, and a remote access control system that grants access to the facility on the specific date and time slot booked online....

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