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The last time they raced the Havana Grand Prix was back in 1960, this a couple of years after 5-time World Champ’ Juan Manuel Fangio had been kidnapped by revolutionary forces in 1958 before the race (yes, he won it after he was released!). That 1958 grand prix was a street-race run around the world-famous Malecon. Now, 70 years later, you’ll get a chance to run the Malecon for yourself. The Havana track comes with 3 layouts built around old-town Havana, with the Capitolio Pass layout taking you on a scenic tour of old-town Havana, down the Malecon, and around the classic El Capitolio. But if you’re thinking this is just another street circuit, you’re in for a rude awakening: long straights, a pair of really difficult double-apex turns, and a wide layout means plenty of passing opportunities and even more opportunity of getting it very, very wrong. Try not to destroy too much history!

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